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Welcome to the new Look of the Day, where we comb through Araic's daily outfits from the past 24 hours and feature the single most conversation-worthy ensemble. Then shop the look for yourself!


Araic Anderson

A smile can hide anything - almost everything.


"Whenever I have to go to an uncomfortable community I tend to wear the Duchi hoodie, joggers and black denim jacket to express myself with speaking. Mentoring youth is a banger for me. To know that kids are afraid to go to school and to live in Chicago due to the deadly factors of a bullet. My goal is to get as many youth wearing the Duchi collection so that the individuals surrounding them know that they are aiming for greatness."  

What a fashionable wear utilizing corduroy and premium gold text.

Araic Looks Towards Fashion 

To Cope With PTSD 

Custom Made For Your Space

Duchi Denim Black Jacket

was $144.77

now  $115.82

Duchi Hoodie

was $64.77

now $51.82

Duchi Joggers 

was $64.77

now $51.82

Dear Brown You Highs - COMING SOON

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